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Safety and Security in Malaysia

■ Crime

Violent crimes involving foreigners aren’t common, but petty theft and residential burglaries might happen. We recommend you to be aware of the environment and take care when necessary.

■ Emergency services

The Emergency number in Malaysia is 999.

International students must purchase health care insurance from Education Malaysia Global Services. Prices range from RM500 to RM3,800.
Hospitals and clinics in Malaysia have a very good quality and the price is cheaper compared with other western and neighbor countries.

■ Political situation

The country doesn’t have great political issues, but a variety of religious backgrounds sometimes are a challenge to the government.

■ Short trip

It is cheap to travel within Malaysia: budget hotels rates start at US$25 and youth hostels charge US$7 to US$15 per night in a shared room or US$15 for a single private one. Traveling by bus or choose an LCC airline.
Activities aren’t expensive too, you can even do a two-days PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) course for less than US$350.
The country has many nature beauties, such as the Mount Kinabalu and the Perhentian and Sipadan Islands, and cultural lands, such as the Sarawak Cultural Village.

■ Mobile phone networks

Major mobile provider companies are Hotlink, Digi and Celcom. The easiest solution to have a Malaysian number is getting a prepaid SIM card, but this might not be cost efficient if you are going to stay for a long time. If you subscribe for a contract, you can get phones for cheaper and you can add 3G options if you are going to use a smartphone.

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