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Financial Cost in Argentina

■ Currency and price of goods

The Argentine currency is the Peso (ARS). As of July, 2014, ARS1 = USD0,12.

Utilities expense (per month) 65m2 apartment: USD 95
Home Internet: USD 36
Mobile Phone: USD0.40 per minute

Leisure time expenses:
Taxi start at USD 1.80 + USD 1.50 per kilometer
Movies USD8.50

■ Cost of living

Rent from USD 400 to USD 510 (one bedroom)
Big Mac Set USD 9
Water (1.5L) USD 1.25
Meal Set USD 10.50
Part-time job less than USD1.10 per hour

■ Entrance fee / Tuition fee

Public universities are free for any person who is accepted. Average fee for Private institutions is USD 14,000 for the whole course.

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