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Job Opportunity in Argentina

■ Work visa

Students need to get a Study visa, which application should start from the university. This process takes some time, so you should prepare yourself in advance. Once you get the students visa, it is possible to apply for a work permit, but generally you need the company who wants to hire you to apply for it.

■ Employment upon graduation

It is possible to find a job in Argentina, but it is necessary to get a work permit supported by the company which is hiring you.
Exceptions exist, of course, but since the last economic crises, many Argentines are recovering their jobs and the market is open for foreigners only if they accept the average Argentine wage.

■ Work environment

Managers are well respected and expected to take decisions. The relation between subordinates and managers are close and quite friendly. Due to the many economic problems Argentina had so far, it is likely that everything is done focusing a short-term: even meetings scheduled far in advance tend to be canceled in the last minute. You are encouraged to express your opinion and meetings are often noisy and people use a lot of body gesture. If you are not used to it, we hope you will not care too much about it.

■ Outplacement rate

The general employment rate in Argentina is of 92.8%.

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