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Safety and Security in Argentina

■ Crime

Argentina is quite safe. Of course, as any other country, there are neighborhoods to avoid. We also recommend you to take care of your belongings by having them close to your body during all times. Do not leave any items unattended when in public spaces.

■ Emergency services

Medical emergency: 107
In case of fire, emergency rescue: 100
Calling the police: 101 or 911
It’s not guaranteed that there is English speaking staff in these numbers. For English help, the most recommended is to call the Embassy of your home country or the Tourist Police at 0800-999-5000 or 0800-999-2838.

You probably will be able to use the public health care, but waiting times and unsatisfactory infrastructure make us recommend you to apply for a private healthcare insurance before going.

■ Political situation

Argentina is a federal presidential representative democratic republic. The president is chosen by the population every 4 years. As most South American countries, Argentina also had a period of dictatorship government, which affects the way people see politics until today.
The Argentine economical situation is getting stable recently.

■ Short trip

If you are going from Buenos Aires to other province, the best way to travel might be the plane, but if you are planning to travel to many cities, reconsider. Every flight in Argentina stops in Buenos Aires, so if you are going from one province to another, and Buenos Aires isn’t in your plans, taking the bus might be faster.
Buses aren’t expensive and have good quality, with seats that become beds in the first class, and they offer dinner and breakfast for overnight routes. Almost every bus is equipped with air conditioner.
In Argentina you can visit Patagonia and Ushuaia, places with gorgeous snow landscape you shouldn’t miss while there. Once in a lifetime experience.

■ Mobile phone networks

The three largest mobile companies in Argentina are Claro, Personal and Movistar. If you have a cellphone which accepts any SIM card, you can easily purchase one pre-paid card and pay as you use it. It’s easier than to have to sign a contract with a mobile company.
The network isn’t the best in the countryside, but you won’t have much problem in the main cities.

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