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Financial Cost in Norway

■ Currency and price of goods

As of July 2014, 1USD = 6,2 NOK (kr)

Utilities expense:
Basic (electricity, heating, water, garbage) about 1850 kr
Home Internet: about 310 kr
Mobile Phone: about 0,97 kr/min

Leisure time expenses:
Taxi start at 68 kr + 15 kr per km
Movies from 110kr

■ Cost of living

Rent (1 bedroom) between 9,740 kr and 7700kr
Water (1.5L) 23 kr
Meal Set from 150 kr

■ Entrance fee / Tuition fee

Normally, whether you are a national or a foreign student, you don’t have to pay any tuition fees for your studies. This is part of the Norwegian Government’s program to give everyone free access at education. However, note that you might pay for school materials and sometimes for trimestral fees.

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