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Job Opportunity in Australia

■ Work visa

International students are eligible for working up to 20 hours per week during semester and full-time during holidays. Any internship or work you have to do as part of your course curriculum won’t count to these 20 hours.
International students usually work in retail, hospitality industry, and administration. Your payment will depend on the field you are working, but it’s said the best payments are for students tutors (about AU$40 per hour). Before begin working, you must apply for a Tax File Number, which you will tell you employer. This number will allow the company to calculate how much tax you will have to pay. Don’t worry; you can reimburse it when leaving Australia permanently.

■ Employment upon graduation

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■ Work environment

Despite Australian people being known for their laid back personality, this behavior isn’t applied for business culture. Australian companies value punctuality and it is necessary to stay late at work sometimes. Be sure to call the person you are going to meet when you are late. They are also strict when it comes to deadlines, so you have to keep up with the schedule.
During meetings, Australians are very direct and sincere, and your words will be taken seriously as well, so try not to use sarcasm or anything like that. They don’t have many casual lunch or dinner meetings, but when they do, you don’t need to feel obligated to drink alcohol,;soft drinks are perfectly acceptable.

■ Outplacement rate

There isn’t information regarding international students’ employment rate. The general unemployment rate is 5.2%

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