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Saudi Arabia

Job Opportunity in Saudi Arabia

■ Work visa

As a student, you are not allowed to work in Saudi Arabia.

■ Employment upon graduation

You will find many job opportunities after graduating. Saudi Arabia has many interesting position for international graduates, with good salaries, especially in sectors requiring high-skilled workers such as medicine, engineering, technologies… To extend your visa and get a working visa, you will have to find a job before graduating because you need a certificate from the company that will employ you, otherwise you might have to leave the country to search for a job.

■ Work environment

It is very important to establish informal relationships before doing business in Saudi Arabia. You will have to be polite and patient and you should be always well-groomed because they attach a great deal of importance to appearances. Due to religious traditions, they must pray five times a day. Also, remember that Friday is a holy day and everything is closed.
As for the dress code, as a foreigner you are expected to wear a suit. Dress with nice and conservative clothes. Women must make sure to be almost fully covered and must avoid revealing clothes. It is not compulsory for non-Muslim women to cover their head, yet it might be better to do so or at least to keep a scarf in your bag just in case.

■ Outplacement rate

The unemployment rate is of about 12,5% and 28% for young people.

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