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South Africa

Financial Cost in South Africa

■ Currency and price of goods

The South African currency is the Rand (R). As of September 2014, 1 USD = 10.99 R

Utilities expense:
Basic (electricity, heating, water, garbage) about 992 R
Home Internet: about 653 R
Mobile Phone: about 1,77 R per minute

Leisure time expenses:
Taxi start at 15 R + 10R per km
Movies from 50 R

■ Cost of living

Rent between 3,680 R and 4,600 R
Water (1.5L) 12.40 R
Meal Set from 80 R

■ Entrance fee / Tuition fee

Tuition fees may vary depending on the university and also depends on your student status. International students are normally required to pay more than domestic students. For instance, tuition fees at the University of Cape Town, one of the best higher education institution in South Africa, are of about R75,000 for undergraduate degrees for full-time international students.

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