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South Africa

Job Opportunity in South Africa

■ Work visa

Your student visa will allow you to have a part-time job while still studying at the university. You may work part-time for up to 20 hours per week during the academic period and full-time during study holidays.

■ Employment upon graduation

There are not many work opportunities in South Africa, and you cannot extend your study visa to look for a job you might not find in the end. In addition, you have to have already found a job in order to get a work permit that will be issued by your employer. The best solution would be start looking while you are still studying and complete the administrative procedures before the expiration of your student visa.

■ Work environment

The work environment is rather conservative, and though the political situation of the country is back to a more stable state, it is better to avoid addressing certain sensitive social and political issues. Beware of difference in communication style, they can vary greatly according to one’s cultural heritage. The dress code is rather conservative (suits in dark colours for men and women), although it depends on each company. The best is to observe people at the office and to dress accordingly.

■ Outplacement rate

The unemployment rate in South Africa is 25.5% , and of about 50% for young people.

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