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Job Opportunity in Switzerland

■ Work visa

Students are eligible to work up to 15 hours per week. It depends on your nationality how you are going to get the permit.

EU/EFTA citizens who are studying in Switzerland don’t need any additional permit or notification.
Non-EU/EFTA citizens who are studying in Switzerland must study at least 6 months in the country before accepting a par-time job. They must keep their full-time students status and don’t get bad grades.

■ Employment upon graduation

International students can get a job in Switzerland after graduation, but how to apply for the visa also depends on the nationality.

EU/EFTA citizens need to get a work permit. Other countries citizens are eligible to stay in Switzerland for up to 6 months after their graduation to seek for full-time employment. In case of finding a job, it’s necessary to apply for a work permit and the company must proof why the student is relevant for Switzerland labor and/or scientific market.

■ Work environment

Swiss are quite formal people and you should address to your colleagues, bosses and business partners by their surname. They respect privacy of others, so don’t ask personal questions – it’s better to wait them ask you first.
Swiss people often do team work, but they also do enjoy having autonomy to perform some tasks without close supervision. They expect trust from their superiors as in if they are capable of doing the tasks they were designed to do. Companies are generally decentralized, and business units have some level of independency.
During meetings, be extremely professional. Don’t be late and don’t comment on topics that aren’t related to your expertise.
Working hours vary from 45 up to 50 hours, depending on your job. Overtime should be paid at 125% of the salary or compensated with the same amount of free time, if the employee agrees. Employers must grant at least 4 weeks off for employees and apprentices above 20 years old.

■ Outplacement rate

The unemployment rate in Switzerland is 3.15%. There isn’t data regarding the employment rate for international students.

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