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United Kingdom

Job Opportunity in United Kingdom

■ Work visa

As an international student, you can work up to 20 hours per week and full-time during holidays, but before searching, double-check if your VISA allows you to work (it’s going to be written there) and if your host institution is listed on both the official UKBA Sponsor list and the list of “recognized bodies”

■ Employment upon graduation

After graduating from a British/English university, there are some ways to stay and work there. If you are a doctorate graduate, you are eligible to apply for a 12 month work visa even if you don’t have a job offer. You can also set up a business in the U.K. and get you entrepreneur visa, and also there is the “exceptional talent visa” – only 1,000 of them are granted per year to the ones who are, guess what, exceptional talented.
If you have a job offer, your salary must be appropriate to the job field and need to be at least £20,500.
Some countries have special agreements with the U.K. We advise you to check if your country is one of them.

■ Work environment

Weekly working hours has a special way to be calculated: the average working hours of 17 worked weeks should be less than 48. Overtime is paid, but the only rule is that it must not fall below the national Minimum Wage.
As for the office environment, it depends with whom you are doing business with. If it is a senior person, it’s likely that for him or her personal connections are important, while for younger people this might not matter so much. Key words are: be punctual, polite and dress in a conservative way.

■ Outplacement rate

There isn’t specific data for employment rate of international students. The country’s unemployment rate is 7,6% as of 2014.

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