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United Kingdom

Overview of United Kingdom

■ Housing

International students in the UK can live in students house (like share houses), University accommodation or rent an apartment by themselves. There are many options on where to live and if you feel lost on which the best option is, ask the international office of your host institution.

■ Transportation system

The most common ways to get around in the UK are by train, subway (the tube, as they call it) and bus. Just in London there are approximately 300 subway stations. However, the trains don’t run 24 hours. Taxis aren’t a cheap option, so we believe you don’t want to take it.
For traveling from one city to another, consider rails, buses and low-cost airlines.

■ Shopping

Even if you can’t buy anything, don’t miss the chance to go to Harrods, in London. It was founded in 1834 and the wealthy ones are who shop there.
If you want to buy cheap clothes, go to Primark retail store. This store is definitely a students’ favorite and you’ll be able to get T-shirts for £8, bags for £4, shoes for £6… Everything is very cheap!
Another place to go shopping in London is the markets, where you can buy almost everything. The markets themselves are already very interesting, so you can go there only to spend time too.
For food, TESCO supermarket gives you up to £10 discount coupon if you find at least 10 items that are cheaper than major stores, you should give a try.

■ Cuisine

Fish and Chips are the national passion and expect to eat a lot of this if you want to eat fast and cheap. There are more than 8,000 restaurants that serve Fish and Chips in U.K.
U.K.’s staple food is fish, meat, potatoes, eggs and butter.
The country has been receiving many people from all over the globe, and in major cities you will be able to eat almost any kind of food. Some cheap restaurant chains are:
Asian: Wagamama, Cha Cha Moon, Yo! Sushi
European: Pizza Express, The Real Greek, Café Rouge and La Tasca
Hamburgers: Gourmet Burger Kitchen and Fine Burger Co.
Indian: Masala Zone

■ Culture

The United Kingdom has been making great contributions to the World, from science to popular culture. Going to live in the U.K. is the chance to meet the homeland for William Shakespeare, The Beatles, Stephen Hawking, and even the fictional characters of Harry Potter.

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