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United States

Financial Cost in United States

■ Currency and price of goods

Utilities expense:
Gas: US$15 (only cooking gas) to US$150 (if you use gas to heat water and to heat the room)
Water: generally included in rent
Electric: US$150
Home Internet: US$45+
Mobile Phone: about US$47 (average)

Leisure time expenses:
Taxi start at US$2.50 + 0.50 per minute or 1/5 of a mile + tip
Movies from US$8 up to US$20

■ Cost of living

Rent US$1000
Big Mac Set US$8
Water (1.5L) US$2
Meal Set US$10
Part-time US$8.25 per hour average + tips
Students can only do part-time job on campus limited to 20 hours per week.

■ Entrance fee / Tuition fee

US college tuitions, no matter if the school is private, in-state, or out-state, are the same for domestic and international students. The difference in how much they have to pay comes from their eligibilities for financial aid. International students are often not eligible for financial aid, but some universities, such as MIT and Yale, offer this support to every student.
Tuition varies from US$8,500 to US$50,000 (or even more), and you will only know the actual cost of attendance after having it calculated by the university - you can also use a tuition simulator.

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