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Job Opportunity in China

■ Work visa

International students who have visa for more than 6 months are eligible for doing part-time job. Check with your host institution for help with applying for a part-time work permmit.

■ Employment upon graduation

There are opportunities for international students to work in China, but our China experts advise that is likely you’ll get a job at a branch of some company from your home country. The Z visa is the Chinese working visa and you need a company to invite you to work there so you’ll be able to get it. It’s not a matter of changing from F visa to Z visa.

■ Work environment

The work environment is generally friendly – your co-workers are likely to act cold only when they are busy. Working until very late is not common and overtime payment is done properly.
It is important to maintain good relationships with your co-workers and bosses, because interpersonal relations count more than good work done when it comes to getting a promotion.
Chinese don’t go drinking after work that much, but they sometimes hold business banquet with karaoke afterwards.

■ Outplacement rate

There aren’t statistics records on International student employment rate. The unemployment rate in China is 4.1% as of 2013.

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