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Job Opportunity in Korea

■ Work visa

International students enrolled in a full-time degree program are eligible for working part-time and should apply for a license after 6 months of enrollment. To apply it is necessary to get a letter from your faculty’s teacher and have a D-2 visa. The wage starts at, approximately, US$6.80 per hour. Students can work 20 hours per week during the semester and unlimited hours during vacations.

■ Employment upon graduation

After graduation, it’s possible to work in Korea if you have some abilities, such as college lecturing (E-1), foreign language teaching (E-2), conducting research (E-3), technological assistance (E-4), professional skills (E-5), arts and entertainment (E-6), and specially designed activities (E-7).
There is a special program called Gold card system for IT and other majors graduates that help them to get jobs in South Korea.

■ Work environment

In South Korea it is important to create a trustful relationship with co-workers. This doesn’t mean that you should get very close to your work mates and bosses – this could be taken as a disrespectful behavior.
Despite laws getting stricter, expect to work until late hours. As for holidays, each company might have its rules, but you will probably get 15 days off for each year you have worked – if you haven’t missed a single day during this year. For each day you miss, your paid vacation duration may decrease.

■ Outplacement rate

In 2012, the unemployment rate was 3.225. There is no current data for international students employment rate.

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