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Safety and Security in Brazil

■ Crime

Do not walk careless of the environment. Try dressing up like the locals: if you look too much “gringo”, you’ll become an easy target. Cellphones and other valuable belongings should be used more indoors than outdoors. If you keep street smart, you won’t have many problems. Last, but not least, drugs are illegal and you can get in trouble if buying them.

■ Emergency services

Ambulance: 192
Fire: 132
Police: 191
It’s not guaranteed that there is English speaking staff in these numbers. Majors cities have their own police specialized in tourists and foreigners. Check the number you should call in each city. You can always try to contact the Embassy of your country or consulate as well.

■ Political situation

Brazil is a federal presidential representative democratic republic. The president is chosen by the population every 4 years. As other South American countries, Brazil also had a period of military dictatorship government, which affects the way people see politics until today.

■ Short trip

It is easy to travel by plane and busses. The choice will depend on the destination and budget. Some distances are a must to travel by plane, unless you want to experience how it is like to spend 2 days in a bus. Some cities are unreachable by plane, so you should take the plane to the closest airport and then get a bus.
Great destinations are: Ouro Preto, Tiradentes, Rio de Janeiro, Paraty, Fernando de Noronha, Bonito, Gramado, Maranhao...

■ Mobile phone networks

The mobile companies in Chile are TIM, Claro, CTBC Telecom, Oi, Vivo, Sercomtel and Nextel. If you have a cellphone which accepts any SIM card, you can easily purchase one pre-paid card and pay as you use it. It’s easier than to have to sign a contract with a mobile company. There are many offers for pre-paid user which help you to save money.
The best network is from VIVO, but it is also the most expensive. TIM, Claro and Oi networks vary according to each region, so check with some local people which one is the best for them.

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