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Financial Cost in Canada

■ Currency and price of goods

The Canadian currency is the Canadian dollar (CA$). As of May 2014, US$1 = CA$1.09.

Utilities expense:
Gas, Electricity and Water: CA$74 (40m2 apartment estimative)
Home Internet: CA$54
Mobile Phone: from CA$20

Leisure time expenses:
Taxi start at CA$3,55 (average) +CA$1,88 per kilometer.

■ Cost of living

Rent CA$720 (average for Bachelor apartment)
Big Mac Set CA$7,10
Water (1.5L) CA$3,19
Meal Set CA$13
Part-time CA$10 (average)
Students can only do part-time job on campus limited to 20 hours per week.

■ Entrance fee / Tuition fee

Average tuition fees for students may vary depending on your field of study. Usually, fees start from CAD 4,000 (Humanities or Education) up to CAD 17,320 (Dentistry). For instance, fees are of about CAD 6,500 for Business studies, CAD 10,000 for Law studies and CAD 12,500 for Medicine studies .

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