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Job Opportunity in Taiwan

■ Work visa

Students can work as a part timer after the first semester in Taiwan. The process is quite efficient as long as your employer can prove that you are working for him. The school also needs to provide appropriate documents.

■ Employment upon graduation

Once you obtain an ARC (Alien Resident Certificate), it is easier to apply for a work permit. If you don’t have an ARC, it isn’t likely you will get a job in Taiwan. Information on this matter is hard to find and we suggest you to consult your host institution for more detailed information.

■ Work environment

Taiwanese people are used to working long hours. Working overtime is normal. By working overtime, it shows appreciation and dedication for the company, which is a plus for your manager.
Many people in Taiwan do not speak English at a working level, so it can be hard to communicate. One cultural custom to note is that Chinese and Taiwanese people are very careful about losing “face”. It is uncommon to say “no” so it may take half an hour to get across a point that may have taken half a minute. It is expected that you obey your superiors and respect hierarchy at all costs. Challenging your seniors, which may seem normal in other societies in order to have a productive working environment, is frowned upon.

■ Outplacement rate

The unemployment rate for Taiwan is 4%. Taiwan’s economy is also growing very rapidly, so new jobs are often created.

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