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Safety and Security in Taiwan

■ Crime

Major crimes are not common in Taiwan but petty crimes such as theft and snatching are widespread, so it’s recommended that you take care of your belongings and be aware of the environment to protect yourself from these minor crimes.

■ Emergency services

Emergency number with Overseas Operator is 100.
For Mandarin and Taiwanese speakers, the numbers are 119 for Fire and Ambulance, and 110 for Police.

If you are going to study in Taiwan for more than a semester, you’ll be enrolled in the National Health Insurance, but if you are going to study for a short-period (less than 6 months), you should enroll in some private international student insurance, that can be applied in your own country.

■ Political situation

Taiwan is considered by the UN as part of the People’s Republic of China. Inside Taiwan’s territory, people are divided if they consider Taiwan an independent country or if it’s part of People’s Republic of China. Chinese - Taiwanese relationship is complex.

■ Short trip

Taiwan has a very good rail system. A new Bullet Train, similar to the Japanese ones, also services the west side of Taiwan. Since the country area is only 35,980km2 it’s easy to choose any destination: you can basically go anywhere. Taiwan is generally divided in North, East, South and Central Areas. North Area is where you can enjoy sea with rock formations, hot springs and Taipei metropolis feeling. The East area is famous for its mountains and activities such as rafting. On the Central area, you can enjoy staying at temples and living the monks’ lifestyle while you are there, and in the South Area you can enjoy historical and cultural activities.

■ Mobile phone networks

The two biggest providers are Zhonghua Telecom and Taiwan Mobile.
If you can use any SIM card in your cellphone, one option is to buy a pre-paid SIM card at the airport and use it recharging whenever you need more credits. If you want to sign up for a plan, expect to pay from US$7 to US$50. Almost everyone in Taiwan have a cellphone.

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