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Job Opportunity in Colombia

■ Work visa

Check with your host university about the local policies of part-time jobs for students .

■ Employment upon graduation

As a newly graduate, it might be difficult to find a job in Colombia, especially if you’re not a native Spanish speaker or if you’re not proficient in the language. The job market is not very open and it’s hard to find a well-paid job. If you have a studying visa, you might not be able to stay in the country while looking for a job after graduation. The best is to start searching while you’re still studying. You can ask your university or your embassy to help you with the administrative paperwork. To apply for a working visa, you will need a valid contract from your employer.

■ Work environment

Working conditions are rather difficult and largely deregulated. The law has a small power of enforcement regarding working hours regulations or minimum wage. For instance, more than 80% of the work force doesn’t have access to social security. Usually, foreign graduates tend to find a job in international companies with good working conditions, but don’t expect to start with a high salary. The business environment is rather similar to other countries in South America. It is essential to start building a good relationship with you partner and getting to know his/her personal life before starting business. If they don’t know you they will be less inclined to trust you. Visual and oral communication is very important, especially in meetings. You’ll have to judge not only the words but also the gestures and the attitude of a person in order to really get what they are thinking.
As for the dress code, as in most country, it is better to dress with rather conservative clothing (dark suits for men and formal clothing for women).

■ Outplacement rate

The general unemployment rate is of 9,7% and of about 23% for young people.

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