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Financial Cost in Germany

■ Currency and price of goods

As of July 2014, 1EUR = USD 1,35

Utilities expense:
Basic (electricity, heating, water, garbage) about 195 EUR
Home Internet: about 22 EUR+
Mobile Phone: about 16EUR

Leisure time expenses:
Taxi start at 3,20 EUR + 1,70 EUR per km
Movies from 9 EUR

■ Cost of living

Rent (1 bedroom) 560 EUR
Water (1.5L) 1,69 EUR
Meal Set from 9 EUR
Part-time job 9,5 EUR per hour average + tips

■ Entrance fee / Tuition fee

Since the winter semester 2006/07 German universities are allowed to charge tuition fees for undergraduate study programs.
In most cases, the fees vary between 650 EUR and several thousand per Semester. Regardless of these tuition fees, each student has to pay a certain amount of money as a semester contribution to the university.

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