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Safety and Security in Germany

■ Crime

Germany is a very safe country. Crimes rates are low and the rule of law is strictly enforced.
Violent crimes are very rare. However beware of pickpockets, especially in big cities and crowed places.

■ Emergency services

If you are in trouble, you can call emergency numbers for free, from any phone, including phone booths and mobile phones.
112 for police, fire and rescue services
110 is also a number for the police but you might not find staff speaking English

There are orange emergency telephones along the main motorways.
Ambulances (Rettungswagen) can be summoned via the national toll-free emergency number 112 and will help you regardless of insurance issues. All hospitals (Krankenhäuser) except for the smallest private ones have 24-hour emergency rooms able to cope with all kinds of medical problems.

■ Political situation

Germany is a federal republic, consisting of 16 states or German Federal Lands (Bundesländer). The federal parliament (Bundestag) is elected every four years in a fairly complicated system, involving both direct and proportional representation

■ Short trip

Getting around in the country is very easy, thanks to the efficiency of German transportation services. You can travel by bus and by plane but domestic flights are more commonly used for business matters. Germany offers a fast and, if booked in advance, affordable railway system that reaches most parts of the country. Unless you travel by car, rail is likely to be your major mode of transport. It takes only 6 hours by train to cross Germany from north to south. All major cities are linked by the ICE (InterCity Express) and regular InterCity trains. ICE is a system of high speed trains that are capable of speeding with 330km/h

Here are some nice places to visit : Berlin, Munich, Neuschwanstein castle, Heidelberg, Lubeck, Dresden, Cologne, Romantic Rhine, Rugen Island, Leipzig…

■ Mobile phone networks

Mobile phone use is very high in Germany. The network is a GSM network so EU citizens will be able to use their phone. But otherwise, it is better to check if your phone works with this kind of network.
There are four main providers in Germany: T-Mobil, Vodafone, E-Plus and O2
The cheapest option might be to buy a prepaid sim card. You can by them at discount shops such as Lidl or Aldi for about EUR 10/12.

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