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Job Opportunity in Hong Kong

■ Work visa

Generally, students with student visas are not allowed to engage in any form of employment, regardless if it is paid or unpaid. An exchange student is not allowed to engage in employment but if one’s curriculum is longer than one academic year, one may take up internships or part-time employment with the following conditions:

Undergraduate Level (Internship)
1. The internships must be study/curriculum-related and be arranged or endorsed by the institutions they are studying in; and
2. The duration of the internship is up to one academic year, or one-third of the normal duration of the relevant full-time academic program, whichever is the shorter.

Undergraduate Level (Part-time employment)
1. Part-time on-campus employment for not more than 20 hours per week throughout the year
2. Employment during the summer months without any limit in relation to working hours and location.

Sub-degree program (Internship)
1. Study period must exceed 2 years
2. The internship must be mandatory, study/curriculum-related and be arranged / endorsed by the institutions they are studying in
3. The duration of the internship is up to 6 months.

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■ Employment upon graduation

Non-local students who have obtained a Bachelor’s degree or higher qualification and submit their applications to the Immigration Department within six months of their date of graduation, are not required to secure an employment offer upon application of visa if they wish to stay and work in Hong Kong.
However, non-local students who submit applications after six months of the date of their graduation are classified as returning non-local graduates, and are required to secure an employment offer upon application of visa.

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■ Work environment

Working hours in Hong Kong tend to be long, and working overtime is not a rare situation. Having a half-day of work on Saturday is also commonplace. Many companies actually use the long-short week working system, which means 5 days working for this week and 5.5 days working for the following week.
Although Hong Kong is a very international city and the main working language in writing form is English, the working language for speaking is still Cantonese. So it is somehow necessary to learn Cantonese well in order to find a job easily.
Hong Kong is a city whose industries are mainly tertiary sector of the economy, so there are not many engineering positions available. The average salary for a new graduate is around HKD 15,000.

■ Outplacement rate

According to the information from University Grants Committee, the employment rate for the graduates from the eight universities reached 83.1%, while 11.5% in the remaining part choose to pursue higher level study. There isn’t specific data for international students.

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