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University of California, San Francisco

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One of the nation's leading universities, UC San Francisco has a unique mission to advance health worldwide. At the core of that mission, the Graduate Division has a singular focus on providing outstanding education and training in basic and translational, social and populational, and clinical sciences. This focus drives broad collaboration across all disciplines at UCSF and accelerates and intensifies research throughout top-ranked graduate programs. Graduate Division programs are housed within all four professional schools and Global Health Sciences at UCSF. The programs are almost all inter-disciplinary, creating a dynamic and synergistic atmosphere for research. Award-winning faculty members deliver engaging courses and provide personalized mentorship for every student. UCSF is a key contributor to the Bay Area's well deserved reputation as a hub of innovation, technology, and progressive influence. Graduate students, postdocs, and faculty can take advantage of year-round opportunities to learn from and engage with leaders and ground-breakers in the community.

Country United States
School name University of California, San Francisco
City San Franscisco
Degree Master, PhD
School of Medicine
School of Nursing
School of Pharmacy
School of Dentistry
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (TETRAD)
Bioengineering (joint with UC Berkeley)
Biological and Medical Informatics
Biomedical Sciences
Cell Biology (TETRAD)
Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Developmental and Stem Cell Biology
Genetics (TETRAD)
Oral and Craniofacial Sciences
Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacogenomics
Social and Population Sciences
Epidemiology and Translational Science
History of Health Sciences
Medical Anthropology (joint with UC Berkeley)
Biomedical Imaging (MS)
Clinical Research (MAS)
Dental Hygiene (MS)
Global Health Sciences (MS)
Healthcare Administration and Interprofessional Leadership (MS)
History of Health Sciences (MA)
Nursing (MEPN)
Nursing (MS)
Oral and Craniofacial Sciences (MS)
Translational Medicine (MTM) joint with UC Berkeley
Physical Therapy Entry Level DPT
Advanced Training in Clinical Research Certificate
Interprofessional Health Post-Baccalaureate Certificate
Coed/Woman Coeducation
Establishment Public
Language used in the class English
Religious background N/A
Year of foundation 1873
The number of students (Undergraduate) N/A
The number of students (Graduate) 3,655
Test required for admission Document reviewing, TOEFL/IELTS scores
% applicants admitted N/A
The number of foreign students N/A
ARWU Rank (2013 ranking) 18
QS Rank (2013 rankings) N/A
THE Rank (2013 rankings) N/A
Address San Francisco, CA 94143-94118
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