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Istanbul University was established in 1453 by the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II. However, Richard Honig, a German law historian, who claims that Byzantine and Ottoman traditions could be analyzed together, expressed that the history of Istanbul University can be traced back to March 1, 1321. The university, which was first established in today's main building, was equivalent to Roman universities consisting of schools of medicine, law, philosophy and letters, and is considered to be the pioneer of university education in Istanbul. It was founded as an institution of higher education named the Darülfünûn (House of Multiple Sciences) on July 23, 1846; but the Medrese (Islamic theological school) which was founded immediately after Mehmed II conquered Constantinople (Istanbul) in 1453 is regarded as the precursor to the Darülfünûn which evolved into Istanbul University in 1933. Education in a number of sciences and fields (such as medicine, mathematics, astronomy, cartography, geography, history, philosophy, religion, literature, philology, law, etc.) became available, and, until the 19th century, they were instrumental in educating the ruling cadres of the Ottoman society. However, when the medreses were no longer able to meet the needs of the modern world, a restructuring process began, and as a result, the institutions of higher education called Darülfünûn, the core of Istanbul University, was established.

Country Turkey
School name Istanbul University
City Istanbul
Degree Bachelor, Master, PhD
Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Business Administration
Faculty of Communication
Faculty of Dentistry
Faculty of Divinity
Faculty of Economics
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Fisheries
Faculty of Forestry
Faculty of Health Sciences
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Letters
Faculty of Nursing
Faculty of Open and Distance Education
Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Political Sciences
Faculty of Sciences
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Hasan Ali Yücel Faculty of Education
Istanbul Faculty of Medicine
Institute of Ataturk’s Principles and Reforms
Institute of Business Economy
Institute of Forensic Sciences
Institute of Marine Sciences and Management
Institute of Medical Sciences
Institute of Sciences
Institute of Social Sciences
Coed/Woman Coeducation
Establishment Public
Language used in the class English, Turkish
Religious background N/A
Year of foundation 1453
The number of students (Undergraduate) N/A
The number of students (Graduate) N/A
Test required for admission Test and document screening
% applicants admitted N/A
The number of foreign students N/A
ARWU Rank (2013 ranking) 401-500
QS Rank (2013 rankings) 651-700
THE Rank (2013 rankings) N/A
Address Beyazıt Yerleşkesi 34452 Beyazıt, İstanbul – Türkiye
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