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Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD)

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IITDelhi's vision is "To contribute to India and the World through excellence in scientific and technical education and research; to serve as a valuable resource for industry and society; and remain a source of pride for all Indians". Its mission is to generate new knowledge by engaging in cutting-edge research and to promote academic growth by offering state-of-the-art undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmes; to identify, based on an informed perception of Indian, regional and global needs, areas of specialization upon which the institute can concentrate; to undertake collaborative projects which offer opportunities for long-term interaction with academia and industry; and to develop human potential to its fullest extent so that intellectually capable and imaginatively gifted leaders can emerge in a range of professions.

Country India
School name Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD)
City Delhi
Degree Bachelor, Master, PhD
Department of Chemical Engineering
Department of Civil Engineering
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Department of Electrical Engineering
Department of Electrical Engineering (Power)
Department of Engineering Physics
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Department of Production and Industrial Engineering
Department of Textile Technology
School of Biological Sciences
School of Information Tech.
School of Telecomm. Techchnology and Management
Coed/Woman Coeducation
Establishment Public
Language used in the class English
Religious background N/A
Year of foundation 1961
The number of students (Undergraduate) 2,900
The number of students (Graduate) 2,700
Test required for admission Joint Entrance Examination
% applicants admitted N/A
The number of foreign students N/A
ARWU Rank (2013 ranking) N/A
QS Rank (2013 rankings) 222
THE Rank (2013 rankings) 351-400
Address Indian Institute of Technology DelhiHauz Khas, New Delhi-110 016, INDIA
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