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University of Washington

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Founded in 1861 by a private gift of 10 acres in what is now the heart of downtown Seattle, the University of Washington (UW) is one of the oldest public universities on the West Coast. It is deeply committed to upholding the responsibility that comes with that legacy. And being public has always meant being accessible. Anyone can enjoy and be enriched by all the UW has to offer, including world-class libraries, art, music, drama, sports and the highest quality medical care in Washington state. Being public also means being engaged with communities, and through knowledge and discovery we are elevating the quality of lives of others.

Country United States
School name University of Washington
City Seattle
Degree Bachelor, Master, PhD
College of Architecture and Urban Planning
College of Arts and Sciences
College of Built Environments
School of Business Administration
School of Dentistry
College of Education
College of Engineering
College of the Environment
College of Forest Resources
School of Law
School of Medicine
School of Nursing
School of Public Health
School of Business
School of Engineering
School of Art and Sciences
School of Environment
School of Education
School of Medicine
School of Public health
Coed/Woman Coeducation
Establishment Public
Language used in the class English
Religious background N/A
Year of foundation 1861
The number of students (Undergraduate) 49,046
The number of students (Graduate) 14,100
Test required for admission SAT or ACT, English proficiency score, document screening
% applicants admitted 55%
The number of foreign students 4,158
ARWU Rank (2013 ranking) 16
QS Rank (2013 rankings) 59
THE Rank (2013 rankings) 25
Address 1410 NE Campus Parkway, Box 355852, Seattle, WA 98195-5852 USA
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